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We are Bosch

No matter what phase of your life you are in, we have the right opportunities for you to achieve success with Bosch.

Choose your starting point:


Experience Bosch as a strong partner through your course of studies. Get some valuable experience under your belt during an internship, write your thesis with us, or get ready for your Master’s degree – we offer all sorts of opportunities.



Join us right after graduating or prepare yourself for a career as a professional or an executive with one of our graduate programs.

Specialists and executives

Are you well versed in your area of work and are looking for a new challenge? We offer challenging opportunities – and excellent prospects – at all career levels.


Job market and location-related information are available only in Czech.

How to apply:

You don’t speak Czech, yet you are interested in working at Bosch in Czechia or Slovakia? Then contact the personnel department of your choice directly.