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Specialists and executives
At Bosch, experience has a future

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Why start at Bosch?

You have professional experience, you know what you’re capable of, and you’re ready for a fresh challenge? From development to manufacturing, from purchasing to sales, from financial planning to strategic planning, we offer challenging responsibilities – on all levels. How does that sound?


What’s in it for you:

  • Work in a highly innovative environment. The proof? 3,800 patents annually.
  • Start at project, specialist or executive level; you’ll be encouraged to further your career with measures such as selective career planning and training.
  • Have the opportunity to rotate to other functional areas – we actively encourage lateral moves within the company.
  • We help you achieve a good work-life balance.
  • Work abroad permanently or temporarily.

What you have to offer:

You’re an expert in your field and can demonstrate a relevant track record. We’re also looking for:

  • Enthusiasm for new challenges
  • Innovative strength and creativity
  • Initiative and a high level of commitment
  • Team spirit and social skills
  • Cosmopolitan outlook
  • Good knowledge of at least one foreign language, usu. English or/and German

How to apply:

For all current vacancies, please see our job market.