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Work-life balance
Getting the best of both worlds

We are Bosch

We understand that life is not only about work. To help our associates to great performance, we actively support them in creating a healthy balance between work and private life. It's not just interesting work we offer but also many possibilities how to cohere a career with your family. 


Benefits provided:

Offered benefits

Offered benefits:

  • Flexible working hours
  • 5 weeks of vacation
  • Home-office
  • Part-time job
Help with your children

Help with your children

We are very pleased about providing high quality childcare in Bosch - kindergarten to our employees in České Budějovice. In Brno we financially support childcare to mothers who wish to come back to work before their children reach the age of 3.

Sports events

Sports events

We understand that every employee needs a proper amount of rest and therefore we offer to our employees in Jihlava and their relatives free usage of specific sports facilities. Our associates in České Budějovice and also in Krnov can enjoy contributions on various sports and cultural events.

Pre-retirement program

Pre-retirement program

Our associates in Jihlava who have 3 years left to their retirement age have an option to decrease their working hours by 50 % and still receive a wage adequate to 100 % working hours.