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Diversity and equal opportunity
Together we are strong

We are Bosch

A corporate culture with authentic employees

Internationalization, social networks, individualization, demographic change … These are social transformations which also affect the world of work. Different ideas, experiences as well as leadership and work styles have always formed part of the Bosch identity.

Diversity is essential for creativity and innovative ideas. This is why Diversity management is a central pillar of Bosch’s commercial success and a key component of our corporate strategy.

Our Diversity dimensions

A corporate culture that recognizes and values diversity as an asset is our basis – always thinking in terms of individual competence. Our focus lies on four dimensions of diversity: Gender, Generation, Internationality and a Work Culture in which our employees can be authentic – with their personal career plans, lifestyles and private goals.


Gender: Equal opportunities for all

At Bosch, everyone has the same opportunities regardless of gender – and that applies to leadership roles, too. Our equal opportunity policy is supported by projects and networks like “women@bosch” and “Forum FiT – Women in Technology” and by our equal pay principle.

Our aim for 2020: To fill 20 percent of all executive positions worldwide with women.

Generations: (Not) A question of age

Competence is not a question of age. What matters is the combination of practical experience and fresh ideas. Our goal is to create a working environment where up to four generations can work together.

We encourage knowledge transfer and are open to the needs of the different generations. We are therefore committed to lifelong learning and an active health management.


Internationality: One world with many perspectives

As a global player our intercultural diversity helps us to ensure that we provide optimal products and services for all markets worldwide.

We train our associates with intercultural courses, language courses and individual development programs. We actively promote mutual acceptance and appreciation among the different people who work at Bosch – for instance, through networks, forums and various events.

This internationality makes us unique and strong

Working culture: A good balance between professional and private life

Bosch drives the change towards more flexibly and a work culture in which the results count more than presence. The best example is our group-wide project MORE which enables executives to work flexibly from home or part-time. In this way they gather experience outside their usual attendance at the workplace.

We welcome people who think outside the box – and use the full potential of diversity for Bosch.