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For a better future

We are Bosch

Environment and climate

The Bosch credo is to provide technological answers to ecological questions. To this end, Bosch invests some 50 percent of its research and development budget in technologies that help protect the environment and conserve resources, and generates a good third of its sales with such products.

Products and customers

Environmental protection is a huge growth market. In the years ahead, green technologies that help improve energy efficiency or reduce emissions will be important growth drivers.


Associates and young talent

In developing new products and opening up new areas of business, it is essential that Bosch has first-class specialists on board and that we encourage them to use their potential to the full.

Society and commitment

The social commitment of the Bosch Group has developed over time and is based on the convictions of our company founder, Robert Bosch. The company supports a number of charitable institutions and projects that focus on promoting young academic talent and sponsoring charitable initiatives in the catchment areas of our locations worldwide.


Corporate management

How will cars be powered in 20 to 30 years? Which raw materials will still be available? What sort of demands will people place on mobility and energy supply in the future? Anyone who asks questions like these will find themselves confronted head-on with the change processes that are affecting us all, such as globalization, demographic developments, climate change, and the conservation of resources. That’s why Bosch regularly analyzes the predicted development of underlying conditions known collectively as “megatrends.”

Reporting and data

In our current sustainability report, we provide an overview of what Bosch associates around the world are doing to help achieve our ambitious sustainability targets.